Sunday, 23 September 2018

Rotherham Metro A/B & City of Sheffield Teaspoon

A great weekend of racing for Bobsc with swimmers taking part in the Rotherham Metro A/B grade meet and the City of Sheffield 35th annual teaspoon meet (yes you do win a teaspoon is you come in the top 3!)


Results from Rotherham Metro A/B gala 22md September 2018


Macy Yoxall (13) Gold 100m Fly, 100m freestyle,  Silver 200m Freestyle

Melissa Hanson (12) Gold (B) 50m Fly & 100 IM

Lola Yoxall (13) Gold (B) 50m Breaststroke, Bronze 50m & 100m Fly

Millie Hamby (16) Silver (B) 50m Fly

Matt Selous (15) Gold (B) 100m backstroke Silver 50m Breaststroke, Silver (B) 100m freestyle

Theo Ostrowski-Jones Silver (B) 100m Freestyle

Cody Ingram (12) Gold (B) 50m & 200m Freestyle & 100m breaststroke

Noah Wragg (14) Bronze (B) 50m Butterfly

Meredith Gregory (11) Bronze 50m breaststroke


Also swimming were Isobel Dawson, Tristan Westcott, Lilly Waters, Lucy Wainright & Jemima Wragg


Results from City of Sheffield 36th Teaspoon Gala 23rd September

Kalum Smart (14)  1st place 50m Fly, 3rd place 50m backstroke

Roman Wallace (14) 3rd place 50m Breaststroke

Georgia Lee (13) 1st place 50m Breaststroke

Jasmine Ball (12) second place 50m breaststroke

Macy Yoxall (13) second place 50m freestyle


Also racing were Cody Ingram, Lola Yoxall, Jonathon Wightman, Kloe Eade, William Kenny, Neve Booth, Emily Darlington, Evie Gregory, Lucy Redfern, Jessica Richardson & Megan Firth






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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Borough of Barnsley Promoted


Whilst England were playing.... we were swimming!!


Borough of Barnsley Swimming Club secured the Division 2 Title in the Barnsley Minors League at Stocksbridge on Sunday.  Over the course of 4 events held since February they secured the title against the competition from Armthorpe, City of Sheffield and City of Wakefield swim clubs. 


Minors League Coach said "our swimmers have performed beyond expectation with a number of swimmers competing in age groups 1 or even 2 years above their own age.  I am thankful for all the effort that the swimmers, their friends and family and the coaches have put in to make this happen."



Monday, 4 June 2018

Record PBs at Doncaster Dartes


17 Borough of Barnsley Swimmers attended the Doncaster Dartes B grade meet at Adwick on  Sunday the 3rd June.  A total of 37 personal best times were set by the swimmers.  Oliver Austin earned the 9 year old "top boy" award. 



Medal Tally:

Holly Atkinson (10) Bronze 50m Butterfly, ST 50m Backstroke

Evie Gregory (15) Gold 50m Butterfly, Backstroke & Freestyle

Lilly Waters (11)  Bronze 100m Individual Medley, 50m Butterfly & 50m Freestyle

Oliver Austin (9) Gold 50m Freestyle, Silver 50m Breaststroke, Bronze 100m Individual Medley & 50m Butterfly

Cody Ingram (12) Gold 50m Butterfly, Bronze  100m Individual Medley & 50m Freestyle


Competing Swimmers

Aimee Guettat (14)

Keira Tiggardine (11)

Alyssa Warren (11)

Emma Smith (10)

Eliza Austin (9)

Melissa Connolly (10)

Koki Murata (13) Bronze 100m Freestyle

Noah Wragg (14) Bronze 100m Backstroke

Charlie Clarke (10)

Sam Geuttat (12)

James Martin (14)

Jake Roberts (11)



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Monday, 28 May 2018


Kalum Smart took bronze in both the 50 and 100 butterfly ! Well done kalum

Regional Success for BoBSC

Doug-  a quick summary of the regional championships held over the 3 weekends in May


Borough of Barnsley swimmers have been busy over May with eligible swimmers taking part in the prestigious Amateur Swimming Association's North East Regional Finals (3 weekends).  Taking on swimmers from clubs throughout the north east Barnsley's best chalked up multiple personal best times. Medals were won by Georgia Lees (Bronze 50m Breaststroke) and Kalum Smart (Bronze 50m Butterfly)

Club spokesman Adrian Wightman said "Our swimmers have performed superbly, just qualifying for the regional championships meant achieving between a top 30 or top 50 time in the region. For Kalum, Roman and Georgia to secure positions in the finals was a great achievement.  Congratulations for Kalum and Georgia on securing their well deserved bronze medals."




Competing swimmers were

Roman Wallace (14) 7th 200m Breaststroke 9th 100m Breaststroke

Kalum Smart (14) Bronze 100m Butterfly 7th 100m Backstroke, 10th 50m Backstroke

Georgia Lee (13) Bronze 50m Breaststroke, 9th 100m Breaststroke, 7th 50m Butterfly

Myles Tupman (14)

Jonathon Wightman (14)

Matt Selous (15)

Nathan Billingham (16)

Greg Lugton (17)


Jasmine Ball (12)

Kloe Eade (12)

Eleanor Valentine Bull (12)

Harriet Ostrowski-Jones (15)

Ella Minogue (15)

Georgia Hamblett (17)

Libby Turner (17)             


Monday, 14 May 2018

Billlingham Blazes Butterfly, Gregory Gets Gold & Austin Powers in Breaststroke

Borough Barnsley Swimmers were in action at the weekend at Rotherham Metro's Spring meet at Ponds Forge Sheffield.  15 swimmers took part in the gala with Nathan Billingham (16) securing gold in 50m butterfly and bronze in the 200m Individual Medley with Evie Gregory (15) also winning gold in the gruelling 400m freestyle. Oliver Austin took silver in the 50m, 100m and 200m as well as a bronze in the 200m freestyle.  Sam Guettat won a well earned silver in the 200m butterfly.  Megan Firth gained a bronze in the 50m breaststroke.


  1. Oliver Austin (9) Silver 50m & 100m & 200m Breaststroke Bronze 200m Freestyle
  2. Charlie Clarke (10)          
  3. Cody Ingram (12)
  4. Sam Guetatt (12) Silver 200m Butterfly
  5. Noah Wragg (14)
  6. Nathan Billingham (16) Gold 50m Butterfly, Bronze 200m IM


  1. Kiera Tiggardine (11)
  2. Isobel Dawson (11)
  3. Emily Darlington (13)
  4. Maea Hamby (13)
  5. Maisie Inman (13)
  6. Amy Guettat (14)
  7. Lucy Bratley (14)
  8. Megan Firth (15) Bronze 50m Breaststroke
  9. Evie Gregory (15) Gold 400m Freestyle





Sunday, 22 April 2018

Medal Success at Stocksbridge Spring Meet

28 swimmers took part in Stocksbridge Pentaqua's Spring Open Meet at Ponds Forge at the weekend. Securing a total 12 golds, 4 silvers and 9 bronze medals and a number of personal bests.  Eliza Austin made her swim gala debut.



Kloe Eade (11) Gold 100m Butterfly, Silver 50m Freestyle, Bronze 100m Backstroke

Jamine Ball Silver (11) Gold 200m Individual Medley 100m Backstroke, 100m breaststroke, silver 100m Freestyle, Bronze 50m Freestyle

Georgia Lee (12) Gold 50m & 100m Butterfly, Bronze 50m freestyle & Backstroke

Lilly Waters (11) Silver 100m Breaststroke, Bronze 50m Breaststroke

Ella Minogue (14) Silver 100m Breaststroke, Bronze 50m Breaststroke

Harriet Ostrowski Jones (14) Bronze 100m Breaststroke

Jessica Richardson (15) Gold 100m Butterfly

Eleanor Valentine Bull (12) Gold 50m Breaststroke, Silver 100m breaststroke

Lucy Redfern (13) Bronze 50m Freestyle

Eliza Austin

Amy Guettat

Neve Booth

Meredith Gregory

Keira Tiggardine

Alanna Ibbeson

Maisie Inman

Evie Gregory

Megan Firth

Jemima Wragg


Kalum Smart (14) Gold 50m & 100m Freestyle, 200m IM, 100m butterfly

Matt Selous (14) Bronze 200m IM            

Oliver Austin (9) Gold 100m Breaststroke

Charlie Clarke

Cody Ingram

Sam Guettat

Callum Cadman

Noah Wragg

Cody Ingram